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Real-time new WORLD WIDE WEB (The grid)

The new ground zero in Internet warfare
The power grid is an obvious target for terrorists, criminals, but experts disagree about how to protect it.


WWW – When it comes to critical national infrastructure, the highly distributed and ultra-interconnected U.S. power grid is, hands down, the most vulnerable to cyber-attack. On this one point, many cyber-security experts seem to agree.

“Yet just how likely a terrorist target is the grid? And what’s the best way to secure and protect the massive inventory of generators, power plants and transmission lines plus the cat’s cradle of computer networks that make up the electric power system?………more



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The Latest update: More on Micron Tech


 The Latest update: More on Micron Tech

Friday 11/23/2012

                  Micron 2

“Technology Leadership That Keeps Memory Moving Forward

Micron is known for leading the industry in researching and developing the designs and processes that keep memory moving forward. We consistently deliver market-driven solutions that provide greater capacity in smaller designs, without sacrificing quality and performance.” (e. g. Micron tech.)

20nm NAND
20nm NAND: 2011 Semiconductor of the Year

Our industry-leading 20nm NAND is acknowledged for its superior design, right down to the memory cell. “UBM TechInsights named it as 2011 Semiconductor of the Year after extensive review —including examination of the device at the package and die levels and analysis of the process technology, memory cell configuration, and materials identification.” (e. g. Micron tech.)

UBM Insight Award

 UBM Insight Award
Our prize-winning 20nm NAND technology has enabled our groundbreaking 128Gb MLC device, which sets a benchmark in storage silicon. “This part provides a terabit of storage in a single eight-die package, doubling the storage capacity of our existing 20nm 64Gb NAND device. Its smaller footprint frees up more board space for other critical mobile components such as screen, battery, or even more storage, and meets increasing demand for more local storage in consumer mobile devices.
Smaller and Better.”(e. g. Micron tech.)

         Process shrinks require compact, more-complex cells, which translates to lower performance and endurance. “With 20nm NAND, however, we developed innovative new technology that will allow our 20nm NAND to hit the same endurance and performance specifications as the last NAND generation (25nm), providing a better product and a more sustainable path for NAND scaling and development.
Continued Leadership in NAND Innovation

The introduction of 20nm NAND underscores our technology leadership in NAND development.” (e. g. Micron tech.)
The chart below demonstrates  the innovation pace of NAND developers. Since forming the joint venture IM Flash Technologies (IMFT) in 2005, Micron and Intel have implemented process shrinks roughly every 18 months, well ahead of competitors. Because They accomplish  these milestones sooner, they’re also better-equipped to further refine these technologies for adoption in demanding applications like SSDs and servers.

Nand silicon leadership
Why do NAND shrinks matter?

 “The growth in data storage, combined with new tablet and smartphone features, is demanding more from NAND Flash technology, especially for higher capacities in increasingly smaller designs. 20nm NAND reduces the footprint needed for storage, freeing up extra space for improvements like a bigger battery, a larger screen, or the addition of another chip to handle new features.

Measuring just 118mm2, our 64Gb 20nm NAND was the first 8GB MLC (two bits per cell) device that fit into a microSD™ form factor, providing high-capacity, small-form-factor storage for saving music, video, e-books, and other data on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.”(e. g. Micron tech.)

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This is a collection of all my research on the web about search engine optimization.  To be honest with you, I am not sure what I found.  However one things for sure SEO is now simple thing, although some may have you think it is simple.  Some may have you think that it is real expensive.  However that is not really true if you know what you are doing and do it right everything like clock-work, yes more like around the clock-work.  That is why the ones on the top will not tell you how they do-it, but I will tell you that they have a lot of help, and they can afford to pay that help well.  The real key to it is automation.  If one can find a way to do everything that needs to be done automatically the way it would be with a professionally trained SEO team, then I would believe in that push button idea.  Unfortunately no one has achieved that yet.  However I have seen some soft-wares that shows promise, but they fall short of the human element which is needed in regard to ethics, and honesty and other things that would keep one from braking the law while trying to reach SEO success.

I will not bore you anymore with any further lecturing.   Here is the 4 volume set for free enjoy:

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Monday, November 19, 2012 Latest Update on SEO

Monday, November 19, 2012 Latest Update on SEO:

A beautiful, just lovely young blogger: Lisa

Lisa Irby Lisa Irby You might want to listen to her. She is doing quite well. She is pretty and very smart and so sweet. I think I am in love. Ha! Ha! just kidding. Give her a listen:

          “This section will provide information on how to bring more traffic to your website. Many of the methods mentioned below are free and will cost you nothing but time. Just remember that the key to building repeat traffic is to create a website that is useful, unique and full of valuable content. My Thoughts on Paid Links and Other Link Building Schemes Find out why I don’t do aggressive link building and what I’d do if I were just starting today.”(e. g. ) Watch Videos…… and more……

“Short stories and poems presents”: “More fur your Money” Last time: New act.

“Short stories and poems presents”:

“More fur your Money”  Last time:

Shela “No No, no, no, no,no She said as tears welled up in her eyes as memories of her father who was a cop and died in the line of duty went through her head “No!”
Joe  “I told him no at first, but he offered to pay me big ”
Shela “I don’t care, you promised me you would never take any dangerous jobs,’ you  know what I went though with my dad, and  momma  worried  herself to death No!
Joe “I know babe let’s not talk about this right now, lets go to the store.”
Shela “Okay I’ll get my coat”
As they dive to the store they don’t notice the car that was following them.  As he follows them he pulls a gun with a silencer attached to it.  TO BE CONTINUED:

As they drive to the store, they did not ever see the car following them.  They continued to argue a bit about Joe helping the cop the catch the fur thieves and came to a conclusion that he would not do it.  We pick up at the scene at the grocery store.

Shela “Don’t get me wrong babe,’ ‘I like the idea of you making lots of money, and that is why I agreed to you selling these fur coats from that web-site we saw on-line.” “I though it was a good idea, and see, you already made $300.00, 300 dollars.”… more


Tough Conditions

Have you ever went to play a round of golf and the first hole the wind is straight into you, the other two holes it’s blowing out of the right, the next two holes it’s from the left, … Continue reading


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