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What is a PDF WEB-BLOG? Basically it is a instantly shareable PDF web-site. In other words, it can be likened to an ambassador to your main web-site, or if one does not have a web-site, or choose not to use one, one can still reach out to customers via e-mail and still present them with the basic structure of a modern web site.

Not to be a Substitute for a Web-site.

However, this is not to take the place of having ones own web-site, for this template will get one started in the use of html, css, and JavaScript. As one edits the site and puts it to use effectively and starts getting traffic from it and sales, surely they will begin to see the need to have a main site.

E.books, web-sites, videos, e-mail,and social media

Multiple sites and links can be attached to them or if you just wanted to gust reach out to your visitors with timely info, but however, one would wand to use discretion not to make them spam-my or annoying. One would want to be ethical and professional at all times.

How does It work?

  1. Buy subscribe to my e-mail list
  2. Receive my templates via e-mail zip file.
  3. All the pages are linked to each other and are ready for you to add your info and content.
  4. Edit site(s) and customize to our liking, and your are ready to start sharing.

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