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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

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“Short stories and poems presents” Last time on: “Air Flight to Vegas” NEW ACT

Sunday, November 11, 2012

“Short stories and poems presents”

Last time on:

Air Flight to Vegas

Jack “Now calm down now Jim,’ I didn’t mean to offend you.”  “It is just, ah, I feel Afro-Americans have come so far, I think they should have more self respect for themselves.’ ‘That’s all.”
Jim  “Well friend, I do,’ ‘That is why I said I would not touch your sister,’ Butt ugly!”
Jack “Now that is not funny,’ ‘My sister is not ugly!”
Jim I know, I was just picking,’ ‘Baby got back!”
Jack “You, You, You wouldn’t do anything with my sister,’ Would you?”

Intercom “All passengers  boarding at Gate 7.”
“Flight to Las Vegas leaving in 10 mins.”
Jim “Saved  by the intercom!” “Got to go to pref-light .’ ‘Talk to-yah later Jack.”

To be continued: 

Jim  “Kattie babe how you do-in?”
Kattie “Hi Jim, is my brother giving you hell up in the cock-pit?”
Jim  “No more than I am use to!”  What’s on the agenda for pre-flight?
Kattie “Guys in baggage need a little help?”
Jim  “Okay, I’m on-it like a pit-bull,’ arf, arf, arf!”
Kattie  “You are so crazy, you must be driving brother up the wall with his anal retentive self.’  “Go to baggage
Jim  “Later Q-t.”
As Jim arrives in baggage little did he know what kind of excitement awaited him.
Jim  “What’s up men?”
Foreman “Thank God, you’re here’ ‘this thing is not acting normal”
Jim “Let me at-it”  “What in the world”,  “Access denied?” “Uttoooa!”
Foreman ” OH! No! not Uttoooa,” “uttoooa is not good”
Jim “You damn  skippy it ant good.’ we got terrorists in the airport, and this plane is scheduled  to take off in lest than 10 mins. 
Foreman “How do you know it’s terrorists?”
Jim “The only time the computer acts like that is when some unauthorized personnel has accessed important files in the database.’ it is a fail-safe to let us know ahead of time that something is wrong”
Foreman “What are we going to do?”
Jim “We can’t pull the alarm at this moment,’ port is to full, cause to much of a panic’.  He thinks for a moment; ……. “I got an idea” ‘ I will run a query on the computer to see it will give us an approximate location the unauthorized  access occurred.”
Foreman    ‘What will that tell us?
Jim  ” Well 1. if he was alone?’ 2. Where he might be hiding.’ ‘You see if he is not alone it will be multiple locations where files were accessed, but if it is only one location, bame!”
Foreman “What?”
Jim “Access occurred right here in baggage.
Foreman  “Oh no, you mean he’s in here, I gonna pea.
To be Continued:  (e. g. )

Von Bro’