“Short stories and poems presents” “Its all about the beauty”

                                                    “Its all about the beauty” 

Perfume, lingerie, lipstick, skin creams, and body-lotions with fruity smells.  That is what dreams are made of.
The world of Popular cosmetics.  Our story is about a Perfume factory the manufactured popular cosmetics in a small town in Virginia.  There are all kinds of factors that determine the success of a cosmetic company, but when in comes down to it, it is all about the beauty….more



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“Short stories and poems presents” “Gigi’s Boutique”

                                                                 “Short stories and poems presents”

                                                                                  “Gigi’s Boutique” 

Gigi “Come in, come in my darlings,’ ‘and feel free to look around all you like.”  “I have everything at Gigi’s.” “That is my slogan.”  
Girl  “I was looking for some corsets, I am having a wedding soon and we have be thinking of having a real old fashion wedding. You know what I mean?”
Gigi  “I know exactly what you mean, far left corner.”
Girl  “Thank you!”
As the young woman shops, a distinguished gentlemen comes in with a case in his hand, obviously a salesman of some sort.  Gigi spots him, and has got him pegged right-away.  And she says;
Gigi  “I have everything at Gigi’s.’  ‘What could you be selling that I do not have?”
Gentlemen “Aha! yes,’ ‘What indeed!”  “What you are looking at my splendid lady, is the rarest perfume ever maid in all of Paris and France madam.”  “Smell a sample,’ my dear?”
Gigi  “Mmm!’ ‘I never smelled anything quite like that,’ ‘That is exquisite, wonderful.”
Gentlemen “You have good taste madam.”
Gigi  “And I will take a case.”
Gentlemen  “Wonderful,’ ‘I will draft you ticket immediately.”
As the merchant works on the paperwork of their transaction, Gigi is applying some of the fragrance upon herself, and sniffing and and just loving it.
Gentlemen  ‘Now you have everything,”
Gigi  “Not quite,’ ‘A lady can’t go wrong having a handsome devil like you around.”
Gentlemen “True, However I must be getting home to my wife.”
Gigi  “Your already taken,’ ‘It figures!”
Gentlemen Good-day  madam.”  TO BE CONTINUED.  (e. g. http://perfumemaxxmemphis.blogspot.com/
Von Bro’