Hello to all my loyal readers, and thank you for sticking with me through the years, and hope you are all making plenty of money.  If one would like to anticipate what will be in my virtual mag. will be about, just keep up with and you might get some clues, however that is only one of my many sources, and much of my info is from wide research and creativity.

The bulk of the content will be featured advertisers that I presently represent and new ones as they come.  At this time new ones can join without paying any fees except the normal affiliate commissions on sales triggered by the circulation of the magazine.  As time progresses, a condensed version will be available for download, however a more concise version will be available free, but one would have to opt-in to my newsletter to get a download sent to your in box, and also you will receive a paper copy as well, so remember to add a physical address as well.  Obviously, this is so I can keep up with the circulation to know how many are benefiting from the information, and to make sure my advertisers are really getting access to their links and offers.

Whether on gets the condensed version of not, I will still welcome any feedback anyone wants to offer.  Send all feedback and suggestions and inquires to: . The V-Mag. will be posted on a page on this blog each month on the 7th or no latter than the 10th, depending on the subject matter or ad requests.  Any advertisers and or publishers can send in any ads to be included free of charge as long as it follows suite with the issue, and they offer me an affiliate agreement to receive commissions on sales  resulting from the circulation.  This is an ongoing policy, however when the number of uses/members grows higher enough, paid ads will be available.  That is all I have for now.  Thank you and God bless.

Von Bro’

Why the Retune of this Ad writing Platform: (#BEVAL RETURNS)

This was the first idea that I had when I first started to make some progress on the web.   I was sitting in my cab in the Liberty square mall in my home town of Martinsville Va.  I had my camera in the car with me.  I observed some birds flying all around over the parking lot.  One knows how birds can be when they fly about.  I grabbed my camera and started snapping photos.  When I got the roll developed,  I noticed that on shot seemed to have a commercial appeal, so it became my first logo design.  I tried to keep a birds eye view of things ever since.  It has not been easy.  I did not start to learn about marketing and blogging, until I started with Google with GAN.  They ended that network and has gone on to new and better things.  The cloud tech is really innovative, and one would feel it shell be the norm for all internet- home based work in the future.  We can connect there with all apps seamlessly, and even more so, in the future….more

LAST TIME ON: “Short stories and poems presents” The secret to on-line Success

Joe  “Hello!
Ahmad  “Hi mister Joe, We have some commission for you my man.’  ‘When can you come by”
Joe   “I’m hungry and I just left the store on the way home,’  I will get it tomorrow
Ahmad “Okay man’…….Later!


The next morning at the store.

Ahmad  “Good morning mister Joe, ‘ ‘you doing good?”
 Joe       “Yes,,”
Ahmad   “Hear my friend, you had 3 sales yesterday.’  Here are your referral receipts, and your commissions have been sent to your PayPal merchant account. ”  “I sent it last night.”
Joe       “Thank you.”
Ahmad  “Whats in your plans for today?”……….MORE

“Short stories and poems presents” “Not ready to be bushy”

“Not ready to be bushy”

This short stories is created for all those whom would be artist, but not ready to be bushy, meaning one does not care if the big boys of the art world or the higher critics turning up their noses at your work, and you don’t care.  You want to be free and do what inspires you.
Set back as my creative juices run wild and take you on a journey though and beyond the bushy zone……….more


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“Short stories and poems presents” The secret to on-line Success

Hi my name is Jonah but for the purpose of this story I will be Joe.  This story is about

The struggle to make money online and all the things that go along with it.  Those whom have tried it will relate to everything on this blog, and hope one will learn something as well. Enjoy…..more


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